Pregnancy Tests

If you think you might be pregnant, then a pregnancy test is one of quickest and easiest ways to find out for certain. At Fertility2U we have a wide range of easy-to-use pregnancy test kits – allowing you to choose the test kit which suits you the best.

How it Works

Modern day pregnancy test kits work by detecting the HCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) which begins to be produced around six days after the egg has been fertilised. At Fertility2U we only stock brands which we trust, which is why you’ll find brands such as Clearblue and Babystart – both of which are advertised as being 99% accurate.

While most pregnancy test kits can detect if you’re pregnant around 14 days after conception, we do have a range of sensitive pregnancy test kits which can be used from as soon as 8 or 9 days after conception.

Order your pregnancy test kit today and take advantage of our next day delivery which is available throughout the UK. For advice on which test kit to choose, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our online doctor by telephoning us on 0182 781 8321 or using or online contact form.