Fertility Infection Screening

Home STI tests are an easy and confidential way of screening for fertility infections. They are a quick, simple and safe option for determining whether you have a sexually transmitted infection. Our current range of home STI tests screen for the top ten infections.

Once you have taken the test, the sample is sent to an accredited laboratory. You will be contacted within a week and if you test positive for any infection then you will be advised to contact your GP or other medical professional.

Why Undertake a Fertility Screening Test

Screening for a fertility infection is very important, as it enables the detection of certain bacteria or infections that may be prohibiting conception. Furthermore, there is also a risk of passing some infections to the baby which can have serious consequences on the new-borns health. By using one of these home STI test kits you are providing yourself or your partner with peace of mind.

For advice or to speak with a professional please telephone the doctors here at Fertility2U on 0182 781 8321 or click here to use our online contact form. 

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