Ovulation Tests

If you’re actively trying to conceive than an ovulation kit might be just what you’re looking for. Designed to detect a surge in Luteinising Hormone (LH), the ovulation predictor kits can effectively predict when you’re due to ovulate. During ovulation, women are at their most fertile, which is why most couples choose to invest in one of the many ovulation kits available from Fertility2U.

How it Works

The ovulation predictor kits are really easy to use, and because they’re a simple-to-use stick test you can choose ovulation test kits with or without a digital display. Most couples prefer the digital results, as it makes it easier to understand the results. An ovulation test works by detecting an increase in the LH hormone. Typically, the LH hormone will increase 36 hours before ovulation, which is why the test kits use this as an indicator. The ovulation kits help couples to identify the 6-7 days which the woman is at her most fertile, and more likely to conceive.

Useful Tips for Using the Ovulation Test Kit

A good tip for those who are new to using ovulation kits is to limit the amount of fluid you drink before undertaking the test. If you drink too much, you might find that this dilutes the urine and gives an inaccurate result. 
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