Fertility Tests For Men

As a man, it can sometimes be difficult trying to find a fertility test. At Fertility2U we have a broad selection of fertility tests for men, providing an effective and comfortable way of checking and learning about your fertility health from the comfort of your own home.

Our range of male fertility tests include a selection of easy-to-use tests which check sperm concentration in semen. Most fertility tests for men provide a simple look at sperm count and are not the same as semen analysis which provides detailed information.

Typically, a greater number of normal-shaped sperm means higher fertility, however there can be exceptions. Many men with low sperm counts are still fertile and about 20% of infertile men have normal semen and plenty of normal sperm. Othertests that can be helpful include physical exams, hormone testing and genetic testing. If you confused about which male fertility test you should choose, please get in touch with the online doctor here at Fertility2U. 

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