Buserelin Syringes & Needles (10)

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Insulin syringes 0.5ml - 0.33mm (29G) x 12.7mm

How to Mix and Inject Buserelin

Always remember you should do the injections at the same time each day. If you are also taking FSH injections such as Menopur these should be done in the evening so you may wish to do both of your injections at the same time as each other.

How do I draw up the Injection?

• Remove cap from Buserelin and the next time you use the vial, you will need to clean the rubber top using the alcohol wipes.
• Remove package and orange cap from syringe, and draw up 50 iu (0.5mls) of air
• Place needle into upturned Buserelin vial and inject air into bottle (always ensure tip of needle is below level of fluid). This should ensure that there are no air bubbles when drawing up injection.
• Withdraw plunger until the fluid is at the 50iu (0.5mls) (last mark on the syringe). If the syringe contains a large air bubble return fluid to bottle and repeat steps, as above.
• Your injection is now ready to give.

How do I give the Injection?
• We recommend you inject into the upper, outer thigh or lower area of the abdomen, avoiding any visible blood vessels or bruises.
• Hold syringe like a pen and push quickly into skin (45o or 90o angle to the skin)
• Push plunger gently to release fluid
• Remove syringe quickly
• Press gently on injection site, do not rub

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