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Bemfola 300units/0.5ml solution for injection 1 pre-filled pen

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Bemfola, a biosimilar r-hFSH, is delivered in a novel, innovative injector pen system (reddot design award 2011). The Bemfola pen (BP) is a single-use, disposable pen available in five different dose strengths (75IU, 150IU, 225IU, 300IU and 450IU). The BP allow a fine-tuned dosing adjustment in 12.5IU and 25IU increments. Other characteristics of the single-use pen are volume and injection-control mechanisms by visual aids such as colored bars indicating the injection volume. The clearly legible selected dose (as well as a click signal after successful completion of the injection) avoid dosing errors, which in turn may improve therapy compliance.

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