At your consultation ask your Nurse or Doctor to explain the Medication on your Prescription.

Ask them the names of the medication and what it will do. This will help you understand a little more when you are placing your order.

You will need to ask your Nurse or Doctor how often you are to take your medication, the dose and how long you need to be taking it for. It is best to write this down so that you can compare it with the medication when it arrives.

Familiarise yourself with the codes on your prescription Common codes include: QD (every day) OD (once daily) BID (twice a day), TID (three times a day), QAM (every morning), QPM (every night),Q4H (every 4 hours),QOD (every other day), HS (at bedtime) and PRN (as needed), PO or "per os" (by mouth), AC (before meals), PC (after meals), Mg (milligrams), Mcg/ug (micrograms), or G or Gm (grams).

In some case the dosage may not be stated on your prescription so you may be asked how many times a day and for how many days you need to be taking the medication in order to establish exactly how much is needed. IVF Medical Services Questionairre Your IVF doctor has prescribed a number of medications in order to aid your treatment. As with all medications, side effects can happen and sometimes individuals should not be on those particular medications. This questionnaire needs to be answered completely and honestly in order to identify any problems. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance to us and we are fully compliant with the data protection act 1988.

Please remember that if you feel unwell or have concerns at anytime you. MUST see a qualified medical professional immediately to be assessed.