Online Doctor

Customers without a prescription can take advantage of our affordable service with the help of our General Medical Council (GMC) registered online doctor.

How to Get an Online Prescription

Obtaining a prescription online has never been easier. At Fertility2U we want our affordable medication to be available to everyone who needs it which, which is why we have an online doctor and we try to make the process as easy as possible.

  1. Select the medication and/or product you need
  2. Continue through to the checkout process
  3. Fill in a quick form
  4. Our online Doctor will review your information and contact you if necessary
  5. Your medication will be dispatched to you by express delivery

Your prescription drugs will be dispatched to you on receipt of your prescription from our online fertility doctor (it normally takes 8 - 12 hours for this service.)

Contact Us Today

For more information you can contact our online pharmacy and online doctor free by phoning us on 0182 781 8321 or completing our online contact form.

Please note that in some circumstances our online doctor may decide that it is more suitable for you to be referred to your GP or prescribe the medication, in this instance we will not charge for this service.