If you have an international presciption, we can still help!

We already work very closely with a number of international clinics; making it easier for patients like you to obtain their medications.


International Prescriptions

If you have been issued with an international prescription, you can make savings on your medication by following these simple steps:


GMC Verified


We have access to General Medical Council (GMC) certified doctors who can consult with you (and if need be, your clinician) to help you obtain the medication you need, by converting your prescription into a UK one.

Fill the form


If your prescription is from outside the EU, we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire which allows a GMC-certified doctor to transcribe your prescription, so you can receive your medication.



As well as the form, we require a prescription that must be issued by your doctor or clinic. This will need to be faxed directly by your clinic to +44 (0) 845 508 4364 or emailed to

This ensures patient safety and is also compulsory by UK law.

Choose Location


International presciptions require transcribing, this service incurs a charge. The cost is dependent on your geographical zone. Once your prescription has been transcribed, we can then arrange for delivery of your medication.

Purchase transcribing of international prescription Zone 2

Purchase transcribing of international prescription Zone 1

Please note: Even though your clinic may be outside the EU, if your practitioner is registered with the GMC (General Medical Council UK) you will not require this service as your prescription can be used in its original form.