How to Mix and Inject Menopur

How to Mix and Inject Menopur

Menopur comes in a box containing 10 vials of water and 10 vials of powder for mixing into a solution. Each powder contains 75 iu(units) of Menotrophin. You will need only 1 ml of water solution per injection dose of Menopur. Note: You may have purchased Menopur per vial in this case you may or may not have a complete box of 10.

Always mix Menopur immediately before each injection. Menopur can be given SQ (subcutaneously) or IM (intramuscularly).

Ensure your hands are washed and clean and the are your are using is relatively clean preferably using anti bacterial soap.

Take your 2ml syringe, put the 18g 1½ inch  needle on (to mix), inject needle into the water solution and draw back 1ml. You may need to pull back slowly to grab the solution.

Inject the 1ml water solution that is in the syringe into the Menopur powder aim for the side of the vial, do this slowly avoiding creating any bubbles wait about 30sec for all the powder to dissolve. Never shake the vials to mix, if you need to mix it thoroughly, remove the needle and the syringe from the vial (place the cap back on) and roll the vial between your fingers.

Now using the 2ml syringe and 18g 1½ inch mixing needle place the needle in the vial, tilt it or turn the vial upside down and pull back on the plunger to withdraw the mixed solution back into the syringe as you slowly lower the needle.

When drawing back into the syringe you will notice it will come back to about 0.9ml. You will appear to lose some solution but this is normal. The solution just dissolves into the powder each time it´s mixed.

Note for patients who need multiple vials: The  MENOPUR solution may be used to dissolve up to 5 additional vials. For those who need multiple vials, after reconstituting the first vial of MENOPUR with sterile diluent, use that same solution to reconstitute the additional vials of MENOPUR.

How to Inject Menopur

Carefully remove and discard your mixing needle into your sharps bin. Place your injecting needle (the short 27g ½ inch) on the 2 ml syringe. While holding the syringe upwards, draw back slightly on the plunger and tap the syringe so that any air bubbles rise to the top. Slowly press the plunger until all the air is out of the syringe and a small drop of solution forms at the tip of the needle. Tap the syringe to remove the drop of solution at the tip of the needle. Carefully recap the needle to keep it sterile. You are now ready to inject.

You will either inject in your upper thigh ( this is not normally recommended unless your doctor has specified) or within 2-3 inches below your belly button on either side of you abdomen stomache area. Rub alcohol to clean the injection area. Pinch area with your opposite hand while holding your syringe in the hand you will inject with. Inject needle straight into the skin and gently push the Menopur solution in. After all the solution has been injected, hold the syringe for a few seconds then take needle straight out. Place cotton ball over site and rub lightly while applying pressure. This will help prevent any lumps or bruising.

Always discard needles in a sharps bin.

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